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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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donald trump spokesperson will be with us telling why he is bashing the judge overseeing the trump university case. could it help him, not hurt him? we'll see. that will be 9:00 tomorrow morning. "the five" is next. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city, this is "the five." donald trump is under fire for speaking his mind over the concerns of the ancestry of a judge presiding over the trump university lawsuit. >> we had another judge. if that judge was there, it would have been over two years ago. i have had horrible rulings and been treated unfairly. this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall. i'm going to do well with the hispanics. >> no mexican judge could be
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involved in a case with you? >> it's all fine, but -- >> you are -- >> the judge was born in indiana to mexican parents. trump is taking a lot of heat d from the left. supporters, like newt gingrich thinks he shouldn't single out his ethnicity. >> this is one of the worst mistakes he made. it's inexcusable. he can criticize the judge. but first of all, this judge was born in indiana. he is an american. peri period. >> this morning on fox news, trump was surprise zed by gingrich's take calling the comments inappropriate. his position on the "o'reilly factor" tonight. >> do you regret making it
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personal with the judge? >> i have had very, very unfair decisions. they said it should have gone a while ago. i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i don't care about them. we are being treated very unfairly, very, very unfairly. >> bringing around our legal expert. trump has a right to say he feels he's being treated unfairly by the judge and could push back but the issue being he called out his ethnicity, that's the problem. you are going to hear on e r o'reilly, he went back a touch. >> he cares about being treated unfairly. that's where it should have began and ended with. he should have said that if that's how he felt. don't waste a moment of opportunity to attack hillary clinton, the clinton foundation, the investigations ongoing like what bernie sanders is doing,
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focusing ond honing in on that. that's what he should use his valuable air time for. let lawyers file a motion to recuse the judge if you feel there's evidence to suggest he's being treated unfairly or the judge should be fired for prejudice against him, mox that. >> the talk shows were all over donald trump for this comment. it's not about trump university. do you think the left cares about trump university or that donald trump mentioned mexico or something mexican? >> i don't think it's the left that is hammering donald trump on this. right now, it's the fact that you have paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, newt gingrich saying this is identity positive. this is not the way republican conservatives play ball. we don't say clarence thomas can't make a decision because he's black. that's identity politics.
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what you heard from kimberly, that's not the way we as americans play ball. this is a very disturbing kind of attack. i mean to suggest, with we as americans, can't treat each other fairly without regard to race or ethnicity. >> let me throw this out here. this judge, born in indiana to mexican parents. by the way, mexican drug cartels, a tough guy, a great judge. was part of a legal society called san diego law society. is it possible that trump misconstrued that being part of the race group on the west coast that is so anti-american? >> i think he did confuse it. we are getting tweets he's a part of the national council, which is a different thing. that's the thing with trump, you can't throw stuff like that out there unless you have proof.
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it's misleading to the public. i don't like the implication here. the implication to me was if you have parents or family members of mexican heritage, you don't support border security or support the law. that's what i think he was trying to say that this guy was somehow opposed to border security because of his ethnicity. i think you hit the nail on the head. conservatives have been fighting for a long time. this is what the left does. they isolate people based on your gender, based on let's cater to women. conservatives are saying, no, we are all people. if you care about freedom, we can all come together and support that. i have a problem, i don't think you can defend it. if he were under the impression it was biased, he should have done his research. you are running for president, leading the polls. you can set an example for everyone. this is not doing that.
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>> i agree. this is what democrats do. you know, i think it's politically dumb for trump to fight this fight. i think it's dumb for him to talk about trump university at all. it's a nonissue for most americans. they don't care about his personal problems with the law. we care about america. he has to get back to make america great again. identity politics is what they do. you can see fund-raisers and the dnc saying hispanic america needs to decide against trump. trump is doing nothing different than the dnc. >> he should be above that. >> i agree. >> as a conservative, you can't say this is the the problem because of the way it works. he should be above it. >> the press is huffing and puffing -- >> this is proof that trump is a racist. it proves he's playing identity politics. >> or defending it?
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the left is -- fair enough. left and certain parts of the right are going after donald trump for the comment. i don't know, you saw that clip there. he said, i don't care if he's mexican or not, i want a fair trial. >> sounds like he took a good opportunity to reach a huge audience. he did an interview with o riley that will air tonight. we haven't seen the whole interview. sounds like he is on the right track. when you have people like newt gingrich, he was upset about it. he saw the clip earlier. there are a lot of people on the right that are supporters of trump. my point is, listen, he's good at going on the attack. focus on hillary clinton. like, eyes on the torgt. >> hang in here. i want dwrou hear this clip here. not everyone thinks trump is wrong to question whether he's being treated fairly. here is attorney general alberto gonzalez.
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>> it is legitimate to ask the question. i think the judge, as every jung should do before the case, consider all the facts, consider the publicity about the case and make a decision. it's not just about being impartial, it's imparent of impartialness. that's the priority. >> gonzalez clarified saying he is not supporting trump's comments, but he had a right to a fair trial. >> that's the law. >> i don't think that's what trump is saying. if there was evidence of impartiali impartiality, his lawyers could bring action. >> a motion to recuse. >> that's not the case. he said i'm building a wall and he has mexican heritage. >> does this affect him long term, his popularity, polling and fight against hillary?
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>> nothing does. get off the trump university stuff because that's going to hurt him. it's not an issue we care about. >> i think it does affect him. does this guy want to win? if he wants to win, he needs hispanics, women, he needs to watch what he says. you are giving hillary clinton her campaign material. you are giving her video. why would you do that when she's so ineffective? >> hurts him with republicans. i think there are a lot of republicans trying to unify, trying to get behind him and are like, wait a second, why is he doing this? this is a different state. this is a moment when you should be bringing a party together, enlarging his reputation as a reasonable person rather than the rash guy that needed to stand out. instead, he's spending time in blue state states, the republic
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leadership. he says things that drive away latino voters, but drive away, what he was saying, ind pependes and women. tapper said to him, this man can't do his job because of his race. isn't that the definition of racism? trump says not quite. that's what he's saying, he can't do his job because of his race. >> he has the ability and right to question bias and prejudice. you have the right to a fair trial. that eels the standard in this country. again, i think, at this point, move on. let's not speak of it again, meaning that's what his campaign and he should be doing. leave it alone. put a wipe out, blank slate on trump university. >> i'm going to second that thought. i'm sure donald trump is saying let's get through this and get on to the things that matter,
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donald trump has been issuing warnings if hillary clinton is president, she's coming after your guns. >> we are going to save our second amendment. hillary clinton wants to abolish it. she wants to abolish our second amendment. we are going to save our second amendment. >> is he right? it might not be a stretch that clinton can't admit the right to bear arms is in the constitution? >> do you believe the right to bear arms is a constitutional right? >> for most of our history, there was a nuance reading of the second amendment until the decision by the late justice scalia and there was no argument until then that localities and states and the federal
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government had a right, as we do with every amountment, to impose reasonable regulation. i believe we can have common sense gun safety measures consistent with the second amendment. >> that's not what i asked. do you believe their conclusion that an individual's right to bear arms is a constitutional right? >> if it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right is subject to reasonable regulations. >> so, listen, the campaign from one of them, from donald trump and the early nra endorsement is hillary clinton wants your guns. a gun grab is coming to america if she's the next president of the united states. strong message? what do you think? >> you know what i keep in my pocket, right? >> i do. >> pocket constitution. it's been hard on george
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stephanopoulos. give him credit, that was a good follow up. he stayed with it and didn't let her get away with the first question. he said is the second amendment protected in the constitution? she dodged the question. the question is or should be, she couldn't answer it. the second amendment to the constitution, 27 words, 144 characters. it's almost the length of a tweet. a well regulated militia to the free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. it's not hard. it's very specific. it is a right. it's a constitutionally protected right. if you want to be president, hillary and change the constitution, knock yourself and out try but admit it is a protected right, the way the question was asked. >> they should focus on issues like this.
2:18 pm
enthusiasm of the party to poll. >> she's not dumb. we can all acknowledge she's not an idiot. she's a coward. if she says it is a constitutional right, the left, many who are voting for bernie sanders and can't stand her wharks is she talking about. she's a gun girl. this is an example of what hillary clinton is. she's a coward and she comes off like she stands for nothing all the time. i have heard so many contradictory statements. she is in the moment what she thinks you want her to be in the moment. say look, this is who you want to vote for? somebody who can't, clearly like eric did, the answer is yes. move on. >> you know what i keep in my pocket? dental floss. but i also believe in the second amendment. look, i looked up the s
2:19 pm
definition. there's a lot of knnuance but there isn't. >> if she had a good the sore rouse. >> let's get back, you are right. she's playing games. she didn't want to say yes, people have a right to own a gun. what she had said all along is this is about the right of state localities to have background checks, waiting periods, closing the gun show loophole. she wants to emphasize that. that's not an act of coward. she's asking about confirming the right. it's very nuance. it's about a militia. >> there's a comma after the
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militia. >> if they ruled on your side, fine. that's the law. >> you admit she answered a different question twice. >> she didn't answer directly. that's what i'm saying. >> he said is it a right, she said if it is a right. >> because she disagrees. many people disagree. i want to make one last point here. >> please. >> donald trump is the one who said let's have a ban on assault weapons, not hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton and president barack obama suggested australia's con fi skating guns is a good example. doesn't tell you what is on the horiz horizon. it's obvious. >> she wants it both ways. she wants to talk to the base and say, look, i can't condone gun ownership. she wants, in order to win, win the ind pependent vote.
2:21 pm
she has to. independents fall more in favor of the second amendment than against it. >> she can't do that and go all out against guns, she will lose the independent vote. >> that's what we said object barack obama. he's going to get your guns. it drove up gun purchase and purchase of ammunition. this is something trump and the republican leadership want to play on to generate more. ruled in you favor. doesn't men everybody has to agree. they think it's about a militia. >> she has the opportunity to change. >> 27 words. >> they think obama is more anti-gun than her. >> she wants to confiscate semi-automatic rifles that can fire more than five rounds. >> the same thing was done about obama. >> because he can't get it done.
2:22 pm
>> has he tried? >> it ain't happening. ahead, hillary is closing in on the magic number she needs to clinch the nomination. is tomorrow the end of the road for bernie sanders? will he fight on if he loses california and should he fight on? next. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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is hillary clinton 24 hours away from clinching the nomination? six states vote tomorrow. she picked up more delegates over the weekend with wins in puerto rico and the islands. she was asked today, should sanders concede? >> we'll wait and find out. actually, tomorrow is eight years to the day after i withdrew and endorsed then
2:27 pm
senator obama. i believed it was the right thing to do no matter what differences we had in our long campaign. they pale in comparison with the differences we have with the republicans. >> sanders is not backing down and going after clinton harder than ever. >> do i have a problem when a sitting secretary of state and foundation run by her husband collects many million ofs dollars from foreign governments, governments which are -- >> do you think it creates the appearance of conflict of interest? >> i do. >> juan, how do you feel about sanders staying in at this point? he is going after clinton hard, bringing up the global initiative and donations to places where dictators are. is he helping out donald trump
2:28 pm
now? >> i think he is. president obama expects to make an endorsement in this. i think he wants it over. you are seeing the democratic leadership from harry reid on down the line. everybody is saying, hey, bernie sanders slow down, you haven't won. if you take away the superdelegates, hillary clinton has the lead. after the wins in the virgin islands and puerto rico, she's less than 30 delegates away. no matter what happens tomorrow in california, you have -- and this is what bernie is worried about. after new jersey you beat bret baier saying hillary clinton just won tonight. she won the democratic nomination. she made american history, first woman. no matter what happens in california, including the possibility of a bernie sanders win, he will be eclipsed. it won't be his moment. bernie is burning, he's on fire.
2:29 pm
he wants the political revolution. he's coming across as a cry baby sore loser and he's hurting her. >> i'm curious where those voters go. >> where do they go? where do the voters go? when i talk to bernie sanders supporters, the bulk say i will not vote for her. do they decide she's a lefter? >> it's an opportunity for trump to pick them up. a lot of people are anti-hillary. where are they going to go? stay home or some of them will go vote trump. i was watching bernie sanders today. you are right. it's over. it's done. it may get to the point where she has a big night tomorrow, she won't need the superdelegates she'll have enough no knock down the nomination. bernie is a really nice guy.
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he's a likable guy. he's an honest guy. he says we are going get beat up badly in new jersey and we will lose california unless there's a huge turnout. i'm thinking why not early on say i'm going to push back on the democrat socialist stuff. i'm a democrat. i'm done with the socialism, it didn't work and i need to pivot. he might have had this locked up. he's more likable of the two. i tell you what, he lined up more aggressively with donald trump than hillary clinton. donald trump owns the election against hillary. >> i think he expols exposed a hillary's problems. the e-mail scandal is tied to bill clinton. i want to get your take on it. take a look. >> i want to say one thing -- >> we turned over everything. >> i want you to listen to me. >> i did not -- >> i did not --
2:31 pm
>> i did not send classified material. >> not a single time. >> i did not receive -- >> never. >> any material that was marked or designated classified. >> i never told anybody to lie. >> that's what i was told to say. >> these allegations are false. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> funny, but is it effective? >> funny, isn't it? yeah, i think it is effective. that's the type of thing you want to see, the focus on that. there's so much material to work with against hillary clinton and the clinton's in general and the clint clinton corrupt machine. that's what you need to hammer on to get people to say maybe i have said or done a few things, but look at her. she has a record you can look at and pick apart to say shellacs the competency to be commander. which is what bernie sanders said. he questioned about her ability
2:32 pm
to do the job. i also think this attack back on the other subject that bernie should stay in, give him trouble. the democrats want him out. if hillary clinton endses up in indictment trouble, they want joe biden. bernie is in it and makes it messier. they are going to have a nasty competition. >> i don't know why they haven't hired you yet, you are brilliant. >> new england. >> the dental floss. >> plan ahead. >> his teeth would be beautiful. if you were advising him, what would you tell him with what to do in respect to hillary? should he bring up the e-mails? >> i would have told him to go tough on her before. he was treating her with kid gloves until lately. of course i think he should stay in. poor hillary has somebody
2:33 pm
running against her. that's politics. this entitlement. you can see it. she was annoyed to run against barack obama. what's going on? i have to deal with this? she's treating bernie the same way. guess what? people like bernie more than you. >> not more than me. let's not get carried away. >> eric thinks he's likable, i don't think he is. he's more likable than hillary. >> a recent poll of sanders supporters found 6% had a positive view of donald trump. this fantasy you have about -- >> here we go again. fantasy island. >> it is. working class people in states like west virginia and ohio and michigan might flip the states to red states. >> trump crowd. they are voting for hillary. they are. >> some of them are voting for hillary, some are staying home. you get the same thing on the other side and it plays in.
2:34 pm
>> i'm saying the numbers. >> people backed romney, stayed home, what happened? oh, hi. if i were advising bernie, i don't have the dental floss, but i would tell him to stay in. >> coming up on "the five," we pay drtribute to ali gone too soon. >> he wanted to go to heaven so i took him in seven. >> you took him in seven? hold it, you are not desperate. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run.
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atlantic to light the olympic torch. he is gone. ali with was a hero to millions. he was my hero. i was fortunate to meet him. i interviewed him in 2001. here is a picture of us goofing around. me pretending to punch him. we had dinner. to see ali in the ring was astounding. he was a big guy, 6'2", over 200 pounds. when he retired, he was bigger than the sport. president obama said it well, muhammad ali shook up the world and we are all better for it. funeral services will be held in kentucky on thursday and friday. his family invited me to attend. his legacy, that will live on forever. you kn thinking to myself, i wrote this on he's the most famous man of the 20th century. he's a boxer, an american,
2:40 pm
muhammad ali. >> most famous man of the 20th century? >> he might have a run for his money. you are right. he was a sport. he made the sport amazing. the best part of muhammad ali wasn't in the ring, it was afterward. remember the times he would leave and go to a classroom of kids. these kids would like up and he was so much fun. he could talk to little kids. he could talk to politicians. he owned the media. whatever he is doing now, take that and use it. wow. when he was getting pushback for becoming a muslim, web that and he turned it around and made him lovable. >> and the draft. >> there's a lot of things people didn't like. he turned it around. >> my memory as a kid was he had a lot of support. i grew up in a catholic town. a lot of people respected his
2:41 pm
freedom of religion. he talked about that. my parents supported him at the time and explained he was an objector. i washed him on the entertainment shows rhyming. as a kid, that's what i knew him from was the entertainment show. he was freestyle. this is the era before hip hop. >> original rapper. >> yeah. he would improvise but was never profane. he was clean. i just loved him as a kid. you know, i think he was so d digni dignified. it was so hard to be a black athlete at the time, a black celebrity, but he handled it well. >> to that point, to see an athlete speak out on social political issues. everybody else, up to michael jordan and tiger woods, they keep quiet because it affects the body line. >> the word i think of is
2:42 pm
fearless. in so many ways, in his work, outside of his work, he spoke his mind, whether it was controversial or not. when we hear celebrities speak of politics, we cringe. when he did it, you think about the issues. even if you didn't agree with him, you left those moments having respect for him as a human being and was making an impact on his daily life in so many ways, not only daily work. he left the world too soon. no matter who you are, you know his name and what he stood for. his mark is left in a big way. >> i was saying when i saw him like that, it shook me up because it was unclear who was going to have that honor for the united states of america and there, suddenly, comes the kid who was the outsider. kids didn't like him. he said he avoided the draft.
2:43 pm
he didn't serve. joe lewis served. there are people who would say ali, you changed your name, went from a christian to a muslim. some people didn't like that. >> that's his per ogtive and embrace his religious freedom. it's important to stand-up for your personal beliefs, religious beliefs. that's why this is the greatest country in the world. muhammad ali was the greatest boxer. i love the sport. i love to box myself. he's been inspirational in my life. someone with that level of confidence and fighting for what you believe in is a good lesson for young people, too. >> can you help me out here? >> what? >> there was a documentary i can't remember the name, but it was phenomenal. >> amazing. >> if you have an inkling to
2:44 pm
watch it, it will be the best one or two hours. >> great. >> one last note, his z fight against parkinson's for anybody in your family, extraordinary. last event he attended in arizona for parkinsons, is what i'm trying to saz. tune in thursday and friday for coverage for muhammad ali. the world will never forget him. ahead, a medical reason why some of us are chronically late. stick around. america, they don't call it travel season for nothing.
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we have all been late to something but some people are late to everything. you know who you are. >> juan. >> you drive your friends and family mad when you are not on time. you may be the mad one. one scientist is diagnosing chronic lateness as an illness. insanity, the compulsion of making plans you know you can't keep. >> in fact, if this was my family arnds this table, they would say, let me introduce you
2:49 pm
to the late one. it's bad. it's horrible. >> kimberly, do you remember one of the worst nights? juan was late. >> is that what it was? >> we were going to dinner, waiting for juan. half the group goes to dinner, the other half didn't. >> i never heard this story. it's possible. >> do you believe in the insanity defense? >> i'm always on time. always on time. >> so, it must be -- kimberly, it must be rudeness. i think it is. somebody told me it was self-absorption. >> depends on how busy you are in and if you live in new york. your sister was upset with you, right? >> i used to be late to everything. i met my sister and she said
2:50 pm
it's selfish. she said it's self-absorption. >> here is the thing. it may be a medical condition. in fact, it has a thing here, clip, chronically late, insane people. >> this explains everything. >> it also says, kimberly, that people who are late tend to be more optimistic. they think they can get more things done in a limited amount of time. >> delusional. >> look, women are allowed to show up late. on a date, if a woman shows up late, i'm going to give her time. i'm back in my single days. guys cannot get away with the same thing. what if a guy who shows up late? >> he would be out. i don't like people that are late or early. basically, i don't like people. my dad will say he's going to be there at 12:00, but he's out there at 11:15.
2:51 pm
whoever told you it is self- self-absorpti self-absorption, that might have been me. you don't take a minute to realize they have a day, a night, a life. >> sounds like a guy made you mad. >> i'm going to write a book. >> i wouldn't be mad if they showed up late. if they always do, come on, they are going to get there. sometimes people get there when they get there. >> do they have to arrive with a special gift when they get there? that would be important. >> understanding. >> if i am late, i do. i get a gift. ift's bad to show up late. you should repent if you are late. >> vladimir putin showed up late to negotiate with angela merkel and she left. >> that's a boss move. >> one more thing is up next. ♪
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if you want to see the show, watch the summer concert series or attend a yankee's series, e-mail by june 15th, include your full name, phone number and which event you would like to attend. i'll start with one more thing. here is the first picture. eric and gabrielle on the way to prom. next picture, very quickly, all the boys in line. eric is second to the right. the fellas before the big night out. finally, just an action shot with all that going on. they had that going on. congratulations on everyone going to prom. >> i have the best one more thing ever because greta vansusteren, yes, dominating, once again. sixth year in a row she made the "forbes" list of women's 100 most powerful. i love this. should have been number one.
2:57 pm
that went to angela merkel followed up by hillary clinton. did you know this? greta has been a fixture every year since 2011. that's very cool. we are very proud of her. she is my great friend. the smartest and toughest business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and scientists. >> an army strong hoo-rah. he became the first member of the military to win miss usa. she's a d.c. native. what strikes me is this 26-year-old lieutenant in the army reserve plans to use the title for veteran's causes to fight suicide and post-traumatic disorder so many members of the military are facing. good for her. once again, army hoo-rah.
2:58 pm
did i get that>> did you watch ? did you see the answer to the final question? she was amazing. she nailed it. she crushed it. congratulations. >> this won't surprise you all, but sometimes tom's friends around the world cause trouble. this particular monkey in india, potentially trained by tom waited outside a jewelry store. he got the owner to throw him some crumbs. then he busts the door open, runs inside, he steals money from the register and leaves. that's what happens when you leave your pets. >> great, they are stealing food. they should steal cash. >> did you train that monkey? >> you realize that happens? they train monkeys for pickpockets. >> oh, my god. >> i like the grinder. i like the musical monkey. that's my gig. >> you are up. >> okay.
2:59 pm
the other night on red eye, we did a story about crickets. they are a food source that has wonderful protein and the wave of the future. people are going to eat them in the future. we got a bowl of them. i was eating crickets on the air. >> so gross. >> joe ann was grossed out. none of my panelists would eat them except me. >> were they alive? >> we had a bowl of crickets. >> were they chocolate covered? >> cooked. >> they are dead. they taste like crickets. >> i thought you were going to say taste like chicken. >> that will never make it to kimberly ee kimberly's food corner. >> i was in china for the olympics and that's the only time i ate scorpion. >> you will eat anything. >> i ate something else in china i can't say. >> part of a mutton. >> the part you don't want to
3:00 pm
eat. >> let's leave it there. >> family show. >> that's it for us. "special report" coming up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. a livid donald trump ripping into his campaign staff and telling supporters to go hard after the media and the judge at the center of a growing controversy. trump, as you can tell, is not backing down from statements questioning the impartiality of a hispanic judge and his trump university lawsuit. chief political correspond is in new york outside trump tower. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, brett. organizational problems in the trump campaign have been well documented. today, the controversial nature of his message and internal staff friction came to bear when


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